Roofer paid in full enrages local homeowner by asking for cut of insurance money

Problem Solvers

LENEXA, Kan. — “Are you crazy?”

That’s what Max Satterwhite asked roofer David Sutter after Sutter demanded some of his insurance money. This complicated story began last May when Satterwhite hired Sutter of Sutter House Roofing to replace the roof on his Lenexa home.

Satterwhite hoped his insurance company would pay for the new roof, but it declined.

“So I told Dave, I said, ‘Well, I just heard back and they are not doing anything, so I guess I’m going to have to pay you out of my pocket,'” said Satterwhite, who proceeded to give Sutter $22,660, the total amount Sutter had requested for his work.

A couple of weeks later, Satterwhite’s insurance company changed its mind and decided it would pick up some of the cost. It sent Satterwhite a check for about $9,000. Satterwhite was thrilled, but thought no more of it until he got a a text from Sutter demanding a cut of that insurance money.

Sutter claimed he had additional expenses, texting: “I could press the issue per my contract and demand it all.” But Sutter said he was trying to be fair.

Satterwhite refused. But then he got a letter from Sutter’s attorney demanding $6,000 of his insurance money. That’s when Satterwhite called Fox 4 Problem Solvers hoping for help.

“I don’t want to be thinking about this every night before I go to bed,” said Satterwhite.

Roofer Dave Sutter is no stranger to FOX4 Problem Solvers. We did a story on him back in 2012 when he demanded another Johnson County couple pay him $4,000 for just inspecting their roof after the couple decided not to hire him.

When the family refused to give Sutter any money, he sued them in small claims court — one of multiple homeowners Sutter has sued over the years. Sutter’s lawsuits are almost always dismissed, as it was in this case, because Sutter never bothered to show up for court. 

Well aware of Sutter’s business practices, FOX4 Problem Solvers showed the contract Satterwhite had signed to Kansas City attorney Scott Shachtman. Does Satterwhite really owe roofer Sutter more money?

“From what I can see it doesn’t make a lot of sense that the homeowner would need to turn over the insurance proceeds,” Shachtman said.

That’s something the roofer should clearly know, Shachtman added.

“On the contract, it was written by the contractor (Sutter) that… they (the homeowner) paid in full,” Shachtman said.

If Sutter needed more money to pay for what he now claimed were unforeseen costs than he should have negotiated that before accepting payment in full from Satterwhite. 

We tried to contact Sutter for his side. We paid to a visit to two homes associated with his name, but no luck. Then we called him. He told us that on the advice of his attorney he wasn’t talking to us and would be sharing the details of his story with another television station. 

He might also need to share those details with the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. That’s where Satterwhite has now filed a complaint against Sutter and his roofing company. We’ll let you know what happens.



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