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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — First came the plumbers, then the stone masons, then the concrete company, all donating their services to help Josh Enyart.

When we last met with Enyart, his house was a mess.

The basement and front yard were torn up, the stone foundation was crumbling and Enyart’s bank account was drained. It was all because he put his trust in Rudy Ludemann of Shape Construction. Enyart said he shelled out more than $9,000 to Ludemann in both cash and materials. It was supposed to be used to fix the plumbing and tuck point the foundation in Enyart’s KCK home.

But after tearing up much of Enyart’s property, Ludemann disappeared.

Enyart hasn’t heard from him in weeks and Ludemann never returned any of the emails or phone calls FOX 4 Problem Solvers made in an effort to contact him. He’s believed to now be living in Las Vegas.

Out of cash and out of hope, Enyart was worried he would have to file bankruptcy.

“I was at the bottom of the barrel right there,” Enyart said. “I was at the extent of my credit and I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

A sad story, particularly for a man with such a big heart. FOX 4 first met Enyart months earlier after we heard that Enyart, a Federal Express driver, had found a cash-stuffed wallet on his route and gone to great lengths to return it to the owner.

FOX 4 thought one good deed deserved another. Apparently viewers agreed. Hours after FOX 4 aired the story on Enyart’s troubled home, help was on its way.

First came the pros from Plumbing Plus, who replaced the clogged lines in his basement. Next was Kansas City Masonry where expert stone masons started rebuilding Enyart’s foundation.

“Every year we take on a project for no payment for someone who needs the help,” said KC Masonry owner Anthony Reyes. “It goes along with my degree as a mason. Plus it’s in our part of town. We are in Midtown.”

That good deed was followed by another. Rick Holliday of Holliday Concrete volunteered to repour Enyart’s basement floor and Geiger Ready Mix said it will supply the concrete.

Finally, a friend of Enyart’s set up a GoFundMe campaign that so far has raised more than $5,000, money he needed to fix the plumbing outside his home, something the now missing contractor was supposed to have done.

Enyart said he’s been overwhelmed by the support he’s received.

“I logged into Facebook and saw people’s reactions to that and I started crying. It’s really awesome when you have so much community around you, a lot of really great people,” Enyart said.