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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Some tenants at a Kansas City, Kansas apartment complex have complained about continued flooding, leaky ceilings, mold and mildew.

One mom and her 16-month-old have no place to live after they said mold was found in their apartment.

The apartment complex said there isn’t a mold issue and is working on the reported problem. But the mother said that doesn’t help her family find a place to sleep.

“Ever since I moved in, the bathroom always leaks,” grandmother Vanessa Trester said. “I get mold up there and they cut the square out.”

Trester moved in to the Terrace Pointe Apartments in June last year. Since then, she said maintenance has cut out mold in the same spot more than a dozen times.

She showed FOX4 a video from her cell phone when maintenance came last week.

“I was mad,” Trester said.

Management disagrees and said it’s not mold.

“There wasn’t any mold cut out of the ceiling,” a Terrace Pointe manager said on the phone. “There was a plumbing issue.”

Trester’s daughter and granddaughter live in the same building. Trester said there’s also mold growing beneath her daughter’s vinyl bathroom floor.

The 16-month-old has down syndrome and a heart condition that make her more susceptible to illness.

The doctor sent a letter home — saying the baby needs to be out of the environment and not return home until the problem is fixed.

“So, she can’t come here either because I have mold,” Trester said. “I’m a respiratory care giver for her. So, our hands are tied and our whole family lives here.”

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas confirmed, inspectors found one possible case of mold at Terrace Pointe and told the landlord, who would need to address the issues.

The regional manager told FOX4 they don’t believe there’s mold in the apartment but they hired a company and are waiting on results of an air quality test, which they said will take three days.

A city spokesperson said if the property fails to address any violations at re-inspection, their license could be suspended or revoked.

Other tenants agree, living conditions at Terrace Pointe are not acceptable.

“I’m ready to sit here and cry,” Rachel Collins said.

She said she’s moved to several different apartments within this complex escaping mold.

Collins recently moved into a new apartment and it flooded Friday afternoon

“It was considered not an emergency,” Collins said. “It’s been flooding ever since then. They got somebody out here last night.”

While Collins and her kids have been forced to cook meals in the living room, Trester’s family have been forced to live with friends away from home.

The city said building inspection is scheduled for re-inspection next week at the location.