‘They don’t care’: As KCK street breaks apart, city officials offer little help

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — There are bad roads, and then there are roads so bad, they’re dangerous. It’s the latter that folks in a Kansas City, Kansas, community say they’re stuck dealing with every day. 

South Mill Street in the Rosedale neighborhood is the most direct route to a number of homes, but it’s a wild ride. The road is breaking apart with cracks so deep that wildlife is living underneath.

“It’s been like that for three years, and it’s only getting worse,” said Sarah Moore, who lives just a block off South Mill Street. Moore and her neighbors said their complaints to the city about the road have been ignored.

The only thing that’s happened in the last three years is that the city put a sign warning people not to use the road. That left those stuck living near it furious.

“People live on the hill, and that’s peoples’ way to get around the neighborhood,” Moore said. “And we’re just tired of it, and it’s just horrible.”

Plus South Mill Street has become an obstacle course for fire and police, according to Moore who lives near an apartment complex that caught fire just this year.

“The firetrucks had trouble coming up the hill because of all the potholes,” she said.

FOX4 Problem Solvers called KCK’s Public Works Department, but spokesman David Reno didn’t offer much hope.

He said the street is collapsing partly because of an underground spring. The price tag for repairing the road could reach $2 million.

Unfortunately, not enough people use the road to make it a high priority in the city budget. Road dollars are being funneled instead to high-traffic areas, including Central Avenue Bridge and Mission Road.

“They don’t care,” said Moore, who wondered whether the road will ever be fixed.

Hoping there was more that could be done, Problem Solvers contacted the man who was elected to fight for this neighborhood, KCK Commissioner Chis Ramirez. We tweeted him, asking what he could do to get this mess of road repaired.

After proclaiming that his concern is “always the health and safety of my constituents,” he never answered our question. Instead, he referred us back to city hall. That wasn’t an encouraging response. We’re sad to report that this problem is a long way from being solved.

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