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MISSION, Kan. — The Kansas Department of Agriculture says it has issued an emergency order to Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission, Kansas, to stop taking animals.

The order was issued Friday and is effective immediately. It will remain in place until the revocation matter is resolved.

Cockroaches, overcrowding and poor management are just a few of the many complaints FOX4 Problem Solvers received on Unleashed Pet Rescue in the past four months.

Gillian Gollehon picked up a dog named Dexter from the shelter. When she took off the dog’s vest, she found irritation on Dexter’s skin and there was no hair where that vest had been.

“When I saw it, I just had to take a step back because I’ve just never seen anything like it before out of all the dogs that I foster with them,” Gollehon said in an interview with FOX4 Monday.

“It’s about time that this happened,” Gollehon said in response to the ruling from the Kansas Department of Agriculture. “I’m not trying to, I guess, set aside that they have done some good. I’m not taking that away from that, but the bad has outweighed that good.”

Records from the Kansas Department of Agriculture reveals the shelter requested to take in 933 dogs from out-of-state last year. In 2021, Unleashed Pet Rescue requested to take in more than 1,700 dogs.

Those numbers do not include dogs the shelter took in from the state of Kansas or from out of the country.

Danielle Reno, who runs Unleashed Pet Rescue, has maintained that the shelter operates at the highest standards and has denied many of the allegations made against her by former employees and volunteers.

FOX4 called Reno’s attorney at least twice but did not receive a response.

“If Danielle or Unleashed is not doing anything wrong, then the investigation will prove that – that’s how I look at it,” Gollehon said. “Any backlash that I’ve received, that’s what I tell people, ‘If they find nothing wrong, I trust in the process of the system.'”

Last week, the city of Mission announced it was no longer partnering with the pet shelter. The city had, until recently, listed the shelter as its source to house missing and stray animals.

Heather Lansdowne, a spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Agriculture, said the agency continues to seek revocation of Unleashed Pet Rescue’s license.

Last month, a Problem Solvers investigation revealed that Unleashed Pet Rescue had failed its state health inspections on more than one occasion. A revocation hearing has yet to be scheduled.

Nearly a week later, the Kansas Department of Agriculture said it had received over 20 new complaints after Problem Solvers’ investigation was released.