OLATHE, Kan. — When Problem Solvers first aired Ryan Hanisch’s story a year ago, we were hopeful he’d get his money back from a bad contractor after the Kansas attorney general’s office took up his case.

But Hanisch has not seen a dime and the attorney general appears to have abandoned him. Plus, Problem Solvers found yet another victim of the same contractor.

“My situation hasn’t changed. We still have an unsafe environment,” said Hanisch, pointing to the mess in his Olathe backyard.

Hanisch hired Franklin Dusty Hood three years ago to build a retaining wall. Instead of completing the job, which Hanisch had already paid a deposit of more than $6,000 for, Hood kept coming up with excuses.

“It was a lot of, you know, ‘I’m sick, we’ve had family issues, the machines are broken,’” Hanisch said he was told.

Then Hood just disappeared, leaving Hanisch with a backyard so unsafe that his children can’t use it.

After FOX4 Problem Solvers aired Hanisch’s story, the attorney general’s office launched an investigation and tried to mediate the problem. The office asked Hood to repay Hanisch the money he owed him, but Hood never signed the agreement and ignored the attorney general’s pleas.

You’d think that if you ignore the Kansas AG you’d be in trouble. But, according to a letter Hanisch received from the Attorney General Kris Kobach’s office, there is nothing the AG can do to compel Hood to pay. The letter claimed Hood didn’t violate Kansas’ Consumer Protection Act because there was no proof of deception.

But that ignores the fact that Ryan Hanisch’s backyard is a mess and Hood disappeared in the middle of job.

The attorney general also ignored Hood’s history of taking money from people and not doing the work – something well documented in court records. It was even spelled out in out in FOX4 Problem Solver’s report. Hood has multiple judgments against him, but has never paid a dime.

It’s all infuriating to Hanisch.

“I’ve done everything on my side to be a law- abiding citizen,” Hanisch said. “I was hoping for support of the legal system.”

The attorney general told Hanisch he should sue Hood to get his money back, but that doesn’t work. Just ask Stanley Dobbs, 77, of Independence.

Dobbs said Hood also defrauded him. Dobbs paid Hood $14,000 to grade his backyard, install drainage lines and cover the entire area with four inches of topsoil. Dobbs said midway through the job, you guessed it, Hood disappeared.

“We’ll be out,” Dobbs said he was repeatedly told. “He never did come back.”

Dobbs sued Hood, but the case was dismissed because the process server could not find Hood to serve him. He told FOX4 Problem Solvers that he doubts he’ll ever see his money.

Last year, Problem Solvers caught up with Hood at his home in Hamilton, Missouri. He promised us then that he was taking care of matters with Hanisch. Of course, that never happened.

This year, Hood sold his Hamilton home and moved to Florida with his wife Shayla, according to a family member. We reached Hood via Facebook; he told us he was hard at work getting customers’ issues resolved. Of course, neither Hanisch nor Dobbs have seen any evidence of that.

They’ve given up getting justice, now their only hope is getting some help putting their backyards back together so their children and grandchildren can use them. If you’re willing to help, please contact FOX4 Problem Solvers.