KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Brown drinking water and flooding. People in one Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood said they’ve been dealing with it for days.

They believe it all started with a water main break the city has not been able to permanently fix.

Neighbors said there’s brown water coming through their faucets all they want is safe water, the flooding to stop and clear communication.

“It’s brown, muddy, and gross,” Leah Nickle said. “We’re unable to shower, drink it. We have to go to the neighbors to shower, to do laundry, everything right now.”

Before that, Nickle said her water was shut off for three days, she claims with no notice.

Neighbors said a water main break in January led to this cloudy water in homes along their block, near Longview Road and Norby Road.

“It’s disgusting,” Macy Beatty said.

Crews came out a couple times to patch the leak, but Beatty said it didn’t work. They want a permanent fix.

“It was about 20 minutes after they paved it, drove off, it started springing back up out of the ground and you could just see it and it started flooding the whole street,” Beatty said.

Beatty said flooding in the cul-de-sac and the water department opening a fire hydrant led to more problems for one neighbor.

“It flooded her basement,” Beatty said.

She said they’ve called the city and reported the problems to 311 more than a handful of times, but can’t get a clear answer. Neighbors said they’ve been dealing with Brown water since Monday.

“You can see all the dirt in it,” Beatty said. “So, it’s not safe.”

Beatty is frustrated and wants answers.

FOX4 did connect with a city spokesperson who knows we’re looking into it, but no one from the water dept. has responded to our questions. We’ll keep asking.

“They really need to be informing people who live on this street, like hey, you can’t drink water for the next day, just so we know, because we had no idea,” Beatty said.

“Just communicate with us and fix the problem officially,” Nickle said.

They said the only thing getting them through is this tightknit neighborhood. People a street over have offered their homes for the time being.

“We have good neighbors here, but it’s not easy. We have a 90-year-old lady wo lives on this street, an 80-year-old lady,” Beatty said, “It’s hard.”

Neighbors hope for better communication from the city in the future.