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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — AJ Zawisza shared his tale of woe with FOX4 Problem Solvers in hopes of warning others not to do business with a Blue Springs contractor who had disappeared with Zawisza’s money without doing any work.

But after Zawisza’s story aired on FOX4, that missing contractor suddenly reappeared, wanting to make good on a bad deal.

Jerry Walter Wayne Thompson Jr. is the contractor Zawisza had hired to build a deck in the back of his Grain Valley home. Zawisza paid Thompson $4,200 upfront as a deposit for materials and to supposedly hold his place in line.

The work was to start in June. Except it never did. Thompson just disappeared.

“His phone has stopped taking messages,” Zawisza said. “I text him, no response.”

FOX4 Problem Solvers also had trouble reaching Thompson. We couldn’t leave a message on his phone. He didn’t respond to a text. We even left a message with a woman who answered the door at his home, but never heard back.

Thompson has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Home Advisor put a warning about him on its websites after multiple complaints from customers that were identical to Zawisza’s: They paid him for work that was never performed.

But after the story on FOX4 aired, there was finally some good news.

Jerry Walter Wayne Thompson might not care about his reputation, but we discovered his relatives do.

One of Thompson’s relatives promised Zawisza he would be getting his money back. That following week, Zawisza met Thompson at a bank and handed him a check.

“I didn’t ask him any questions,” Zawisza said. “ I just wanted the money and to get out of there pretty fast.”

The check cashed.

Zawisza said he hoped that Thompson will take care of his other victims as well.

But at least for AJ Zawisza, this is a problem solved.