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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Geraldine Walker may no longer be able to walk, but she still likes to keep active.  She relies on her power chair to get her places.

“I don’t know what I would be doing. Just sitting,” said Walker, a retired nurse, who has used a power chair for 15 years.

But her latest power chair from SpinLife failed her just a week after purchasing it.

“The first week I had it the wheel dropped off,” Walker said.

More than a month ago she started having difficulty steering it.

“I’d be going and all of a sudden it would yank around,” said Walker, who said she found herself running into walls and whatever else was in the chair’s way.

Although the $2,000 chair was still under warranty, Walker said she’s been waiting for more than a month for SpinLife to repair the chair. While she waits, she was forced to buy a used chair for $1,000 so that she would be able to get around her tiny Grandview apartment. Repeated phone calls to SpinLife hasn’t worked, she said.

“All I can figure is that they are waiting for my warranty to run out,” Walker said.

SpinLife has sent repair people to look at the chair. The last compan came two weeks and wrote up a list of repairs the chair needed and sent it to Spinlife for authorization, but everytime Mrs Walker calls to inquire about when the repair will be made, the company tells her it’s still waiting to hear from Spinlife.

That’s why Mrs. Walker finally called FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help.

FOX 4 found numerous complaints online from frustrated Spinlife customers who  had endured lengthy waits for warranty work to be done on their powerchairs. Problem Solvers called SpinLife Customer Service Director Derrick Gastesi to find out what the hold up was on Mrs Walker’s chair. Gastesi at first assured us that no matter how long it took SpinLife woudl pay for the repair, even if the chair was out of warranty.

But we thought Mrs. Walker had already waited long enough. Gastesi agreed and said he expedited Mrs Walker’s repair order. He said her power chair should be fixed by next week. We’ll check back to make sure, but lucky for Mrs Walker she has another powerchair to use until then. Many seniors wouldn’t be that lucky.