When new refrigerator turns into a dud, KC family fights for weeks to get refund

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Micah McQuerry opened the freezer to the LG refrigerator he bought just six months ago. It was empty, as was the entire nearly $2,000 refrigerator.

That’s because it had stopped working Dec. 31. McQuerry has been fighting with LG ever since.

“That ice cube tray was the first sign something was wrong,” said McQuerry, a father of two young children.

Hours after the ice maker stopped working, so did the freezer. Soon, the whole refrigerator was on the blink.

McQuerry, at first, wasn’t too worried since the refrigerator was still under the manufacturer’s warranty. He called LG, which sent out a repairman.

But this turned out to be no simple repair. According to the repairman, two circuit boards were bad. Making matters even worse, LG said replacement parts were on back order, and it had no idea when they would be available.

McQuerry and his wife had to shell out $20 a week to rent a second refrigerator while they waited. After a month passed and still no word from LG as to when those parts might be available, the young couple demanded a full refund.

That demand turned into its own nightmare.

“They have a lot of hoops you jump through in order to get a refund,” said McQuerry, who said he followed the instructions to a T, but still no word from LG.

Every time he called LG for answers, he would have to start over from the beginning with a customer service agent who would then tell him it would be yet another seven days of waiting to get a response.

“So like weeks are going by, and I’m like, they are just buying time, and they are giving us the runaround,” McQuerry said. “And you know it was a pretty upsetting feeling like you’ve been lied to.”

His mother–in-law Joni Burgess was also upset. She and her husband had bought the refrigerator for the couple as a house-warming gift. 

She also called LG demanding answers as to what it planned to do about this six-month-old refrigerator, which was clearly a dud. She wasn’t happy with the response.

“There’s no one higher up,” she said someone in customer service told her. ” You can’t talk to anyone else. I usually don’t get very angry about things, but I was extremely angry.”

That’s why Burgess called FOX4 Problem Solvers. We understood their frustration and immediately contacted LG’s North American corporate headquarters.

We left a message (and two emails) asking for the family’s money back as well as a refund for that rental refrigerator. We never heard from LG, but that same day McQuerry received a one paragraph email from the company approving a full refund for the refrigerator, plus $95, which we could only assume was to cover part of the cost of the rental refrigerator.

The McQuerrys’ problem now appeared to be solved — although without any explanation from LG as to why it took so long.

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