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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The sound of a chain saw. That’s a beautiful noise to Stella Turner.

“Oh I feel great, great, great,” said Turner.

Which is far different than she was feeling last week when a different tree company took her money, but never did the work — leaving the 80-year-old Turner in a bind.

When Glorioso Tree Service heard what happened it volunteered to do the work for free, trimming one large tree and removing a dead one.

“I don’t enjoy seeing elderly people or any people for that matter get scammed by a couple of bad people that put a bad name on the industry as far as tree service,” said Vincent Glorioso.

Glorioso offered a few tips on how not to get taken by a bad tree company. For starters, never pay for a tree trimming job upfront.

As with many legitimate tree companies, Glorioso Tree Service won’t accept a dime until after the job is done.

Also check to make sure the company you hire has insurance. And don’t accept their word for it. Call the insurance company to confirm.

Mrs. Turner said she thought she could trust the tree company she mistakenly hired because a friend recommended it. Now she knows better.