Woman calls FOX 4 Problem Solvers when her car catches fire 48 hours after purchase

Problem Solvers
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Celeste Robinson had just purchased her car less than 48 hours earlier and drove it fewer than 50 miles when she was driving friends home and saw smoke coming from under the hood of her car. Minutes after pulling over, the engine burst into flames. The Kansas City Fire Department put the fire out, but the car was a goner.

“I was like ‘I just bought this car.’ What the hell happened?”

Luckily — or so she thought — her “new” used car came with a six month warranty. She called the dealership the next morning — The Big Lot Car Credit on 13th and Prospect.

“They said there is nothing they can do,” Robinson said. She pointed out that her warranty specifically included the engine.

“Well we cover parts of the engine, not it catching on fire,” she said she was told.

“So parts of the engine caught on fire,” Robinson answered back.

The Big Lot representative told her to call her insurance company, which she did. But even with insurance coverage, she’ll still be out her $500 deposit and tied to a car loan for a car that’s burnt to a crisp. Plus The Big Lot still has the title to her old car which she had agreed to trade in.

She called FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help. We paid a visit to The Big Lot where we explained to a sales representative that the car Robinson bought on June 2, blew up on June 3. He promised to look into the problem.

Jeff Fulton, the owner of The Big Lot, later called us. He said his car lot has always been willing to solve the problem but first wanted to see the car. He said Robinson hadn’t told them where it was. Robinson insisted The Big Lot never asked to see the car until we got involved.

After The Big Lot examined the car (which was now in the possession of her insurance company and stored at a tow lot) and read the Fire Department’s report which listed the fire as “unintentional,” The Big Lot solved Robinson’s problems. It returned her deposit, let her out of her loan and gave her back the title to her old car. That’s all she wanted. And now that’s what she has.



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