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WASHINGTON — Lawmakers introduced a bill they say will help reduce homicides, school shootings and suicides across the country.

It’s called the Prevent Family Fire Act. Supporters say it will offer tax credits to retailers who sell safe storage devices for guns.

Other gun control bills that have been introduced by Senators are stalled. California Democrat Sen. Mike Levin wants to take a new approach.

“We’ve had far too many tragedies,” Sen. Mike Levin said. “This is a bipartisan common sense bill to prevent family fire.”

His plan is to give retailers a small tax credit every time they sell a safe gun storage device. Levin believes the added incentive will prevent gun violence and save lives.

“I was thinking of this as a father of two young children,” Levin said. “Everything we can do to get those firearms locked is really critically important.”

According to health studies, more than 75% of school shootings were linked to guns taken from the shooter’s home. The percentage of suicides among children and teenagers is even higher.

The Brady Campaign is one of the country’s largest gun control advocacy groups. It supports Levin’s proposal. Kyleanne Hunter, with the organization, said she believes the bill will advance because it already has bipartisan support.

“We know safe storage saves lives,” Hunter said.  “This bill has a great change to make it through and will have an impact on gun violence.”

The NRA said it is waiting to read the bill’s language before commenting.