KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Prosecutors dismiss charges against a Kansas City police officer three years after video showed him pepper spraying a teenager in the face during a Black Lives Matter protest.

The incident happened on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City during May 2020 protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd.

A video of the confrontation showed the father of the then 15-year-old girl yelling at police during the protest. Six officers approached and sprayed the man and his daughter with pepper spray.

Officer Nicholas McQuillen was indicted on fourth-degree assault following the incident.

The family also filed a civil lawsuit. In January 2022, the Kansas City Police Department agreed to pay the teenager $110,000 to settle a lawsuit. 

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said it dismissed charges against McQuillen after he and the victim met. The prosecutor’s office said after the meeting everyone involved agreed dismissing the charges was the right outcome.