EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — Clay County prosecutors plan to provide an update on an Excelsior Springs kidnapping and sexual assault case that made headlines last year.

Timothy Haslett Jr. was charged last year in Clay County after a woman told Excelsior Springs police the man kidnapped her, then held her for weeks and sexually assaulted her.

Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson said he will hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon to share an update on the case. The county attorney did not provide any other details.

Haslett was arrested in October after someone called 911 saying the woman was going door-to-door, screaming for help. Officers located the woman near Old Orchard Street and Don Shelton Boulevard in Excelsior Springs.

Court documents say she escaped when Haslett left home to take his child to school.

Haslett is also going through a child custody case with his ex-wife. In December, he addressed the criminal charges in a letter to the judge in his child custody case.

He alleged his ex-wife is trying to cut him off from their son through a temporary restraining order and trying to modify their custody agreement.

The judge granted the request for the restraining order following Haslett’s arrest. 

In the letter to the judge, Haslett wrote that he hasn’t been convicted of any crimes and doesn’t believe the allegations should be held against him when it comes to custody of his son.

“As to the nature of the allegations against me, while I understand the allegations are serious, they are nothing more than that. The state has not yet entered any facts onto the record against me nor have I been allowed to enter any in my defense, which there are plenty of,” he wrote.

He also wrote that he’s not charged with hurting either his ex-wife or his son and that he does not pose a threat to either one.

Haslett has a preliminary hearing scheduled for his kidnapping and sexual assault charges on Feb. 24. During that hearing, prosecutors are expected to present evidence, and a judge will then determine if there is enough to proceed to trial.