‘Protect yourselves’: Black KC surgeon urges skeptics to vaccinate when able


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A surgeon at Truman Medical Center is urging skeptics across racial backgrounds to “come forth” and get vaccinated when the COVID-19 shot is made available.

“Do everything you can to protect yourselves, and in particular to people of color, we’ve really got to come forth,” Dr. Michael Moncure, general surgery, said.

Dr. Moncure said he understands those who are wary of the vaccine, especially those in the Black community. However, he said this vaccine has been done right across the board.

“The bottom line, being a Black American, I can tell you, the science community has let us down in the past, but I can tell you… the current studies have been done properly,” he said.

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Dr. Moncure said COVID-19 has placed extra stress on hospital employees, regardless of position. He said surgery has been complicated by the virus.

“As a trauma surgeon… we have to assume that everyone is COVID positive until proven otherwise,” he said. “Every time that we come in contact with patients… that’s a risk.”

He said the vaccine gives him a brighter outlook for the future.

“It’s light at the end of the tunnel. There’s hope.”

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