Protecting your health during flu season and coronavirus outbreak

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The coronavirus has people paying close attention to their health right now. But there haven’t been any reported cases in Missouri or Kansas.

Health officials on both sides of the state line say protecting your health should be top priority.

Officials say we’re in the peak of the flu season.

“We’ve seen about 4,700 cases, compared to last year, it was at 3,300,” said Kayla Parker, Jackson County Health Department’s spokesperson.

In Jackson County, there’s been an increase in reported flu cases. While over in Johnson County, Kansas, officials say their numbers are normal.

Along with the flu, there’s also other seasonal illnesses making their rounds.

“This time of year people typically get colds. We’re seeing some GI issues also. You know gastrointestinal. It’s just kind of this time of the year. That’s what we see,” said Nancy Tausz, director of Johnson County’s Health Services Division.

Both health departments are urging people to take preventative measures.

“There’s still plenty of time to get a flu shot. If you are sick, stay home. That means from work, from school or daycare. Wash your hands. Those are the best preventative measures,” Tausz said.

These tips are especially important for young people.

“We’re seeing the highest increase in ages 5-14. So that’s really the age group where you see in school and so of course that’s easy to spread there,” Parker said.

Along with washing your hands and getting a flu shot, officials say it’s also good to sneeze and cough into your elbow or tissue.



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