Protest leader threatens KCPD officers’ families after arrest of pregnant woman stirs tension


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More movement Saturday night in the ongoing issue of a Kansas City pregnant woman arrested by police.

Many argue a Kansas City Police Department Officer put his knee on Deja Stalling’s back while taking her into custody last week.

We are going to start sharing things with your children’s teachers,” Protest Leader Stacy Shaw said. “You don’t think that we have extensive researchers. You don’t think we know where you’ll live.”

Shaw said families of police officers should stand up for justice.

That’s why she said she will start sharing information with the public.

“Why are they allowing all of these officers to murder all these people without retribution,” Shaw said. 

In a press release, Brad Lemon, the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police President, urged members to remain calm stating, “We do this job and have an understanding of the danger that accompanies our oath.” Lemon continued, “our families do not deserve what Shaw is threatening.”

The video caught the attention of Ryan Shill, who is hosting a Back The Blue Parade on Sunday.

“There’s been some calls for his removal and a little bit of negativity here and there from people and we just want him to know that there are people in Kansas City who do support him and the Kansas City Officers,” Ryan Shill, Back The Blue Parade Organizer, said.

Shill said a parade was held last weekend, but supporters wanted to continue coming out.

“We want everybody to know in the police department that we do support them,” Shill said.

Shaw encouraged the opposition and said it exposes people’s true feelings.

“We need all of the people to show how racist the police department is because there is absolutely no support of the police department besides thinly-veiled racism,” Shaw said.



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