Protesters demanding justice for pregnant woman arrested on the ground by KCPD


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Nine-month pregnant woman Deja visited a protest in her honor on October 4.

The protest was sparked from a video which circulated on social media, showing the woman pinned with her belly to the ground by a KCPD police officer.

Police stated that the woman tried to interfere with an arrest. The officer allegedly tried to take the woman into custody while standing, but she resisted, so the officer moved her to the ground.

However, these protestors told FOX4 that they aren’t leaving until they get what they want.

“Now, we are here at the seat of government of justice and of the police department as a constant reminder that we will be here until our demands are met,” protest leader Stacy Shaw said.

They are demanding the immediate removal of KCPD police chief Rick Smith, the firing of officer Newton, and divestment of funding from police to other community organizations.

Ryan Sorrell said he is here because has faced police brutality firsthand.

“…The police officer ran up to us and put his gun to the back window and demanded that we put our hands forward to the seat… and that was a radicalizing moment for me,” Sorrell said.

Dylan Pyles has never experienced police brutality. However, he said people who haven’t experienced brutality at the hands of the police should stand up for the victims who have.

“I think it’s important because it should be the natural position of all empathetic human beings,” Pyles said.

Deja sat on the stage during the press conference, seemingly in pain. When she got up to walk to her car she had to be assisted by two protesters.



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