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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some Kansas Citians observed President’s Day by gathering for a protest in opposition of Pres. Trump near the J. C. Nichols Fountain on the Country Club Plaza, as part of a nationwide effort dubbed “Not My President’s Day.”

Over 1,600 people signed up to attend the protest on a Facebook event, which said the city will come together “to demand an investigation into the constitutional conflicts, ethics violations and mental instability of the current President of The United States. This will be an informative gathering to hear from grassroots local and national organizations; Indivisible KC, Kansas City Progressive Caucus, The Muslim Civic Initative, UMKC Associate law professor Edward Cantu, and private citizens.”

FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien was at the demonstration, where she was harassed by one protester in an apparent attempt to stop the press from covering the story.

Demonstrators came to the event with a litany of issues with the president.

The reasons for protest are as varied as the number of people in the crowd.

“The selection of his nominees, and just his general actions, it frustrates me,” protester Steven Carter explained.

“I hate to watch TV; I can’t stand to see President Trump talk,” one woman said. “I’m hoping to connect with other people here on a grassroots level and just figure out how I can be more proactive about supporting those in need.”

Cabinet picks, immigration, health care reform, Russia, and a general dislike of President Trump are just some of the reasons people are holding signs and raising their voices.

“I appreciate protest, to be honest with you. I like that they’re engaged,” said Mark Anthony Jones, a Trump supporter. “Where were they for the past eight years when things were not going well for most Americans?”

Jones, a Jackson County Republican, said he thinks Trump “is doing amazing.”

He said the president has taken on a huge challenge, and believes this is just part of the tough fight the administration has to face in order to “make America great again.”

“That’s really the problem: they’re actually fulfilling [campaign promises] this time. And people are worried that they’re really going to fulfill them, so you know, welcome to the party,” Jones added.

Jones encourages those who support the administration to let their legislators know they’re out there.

“It’s important that we [Trump supporters] stay engaged as well and not sit back and say, ‘oh, we won. We’re going to be okay,'” he said.

Meanwhile, those who oppose Trump will continue to, as Carter puts it, “make a statement that there are people who truly do care. We’ve not moved beyond, and we want to know what’s going on.”