Protestors march in support of Donnie Sanders, gather outside prosecutor’s home


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People with different racial backgrounds came together for the Justice for Donnie Sanders March Saturday.

They said that even though Sanders is not here, his spirit lives on and they’re demanding justice for him and his family.

Sanders was shot and killed during a traffic stop in 2020. The officer who shot him told investigatos that Sanders held up his hand as if he had a firearm, but the investigation later revealed he was unarmed.

According to the prosecutor’s report, Sanders had a cellphone in his pocket.

On Monday, Jackson County, MO prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said there was not enough evidence to charge the officer.

In response, protestors gathered outside of Baker’s home, asking for her to reconsider filing charges and meet the family’s demands.

They are asking for the investigation file from KCPD and evidence that Baker used to make her decision.



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