Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, all the fun things to do to kick off fall in Kansas City


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The season filled with warm apple cider, sweater vests, pumpkin patches and haunted houses is finally here!

But with the coronavirus crisis and social distancing guidelines, it can be hard to find fun things for you and the family to do. Don’t worry though, we’ve found some events happening around town!

Pumpkin Patches

If you want to take the kids to a pumpkin patch to find the best gourd to carve up for Halloween, there’s plenty of options this year.

Louisburg Cider Mill has one of the most unique 10-acre corn mazes with this year’s theme: Beetle Juice, which was inspired by a little boy’s imagination. Kids can pick out a pumpkin from the 10-acre pumpkin patch, go on a hay ride and the entire family can enjoy live music.

Parents, if you’re looking to visit a pumpkin patch that’ll have something for both adults and kids, check out OCTOBERFEST at KC Pumpkin Patch in Olathe.

KC Pumpkin Patch & KC Wine Co. share 40 acres lined by Century Old Hedge trees. KC Pumpkin Patch is on the south side, while KC Wine Co. is on the north side with 7 acres of grapes!

So parents, you can taste all the delicious wines, and the kids get dirty picking out their giant pumpkin to take home, riding the barrel train, zip-lining or pumpkin bowling and more! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Tickets are available for every weekend and are $13.95 each.

Halloween Haunts

Kansas City has several haunted houses around the area for you to choose from. But the one that started it all is The Edge of Hell in West Bottoms. It first opened in 1975 and has been scaring residents and visitors alike since with its five-story house of horrors.

From the Rat Man to Medusa, a reticulated python that holds the record for the world’s largest snake in captivity, seems like this haunted house will scare the pants right off of you!

During your visit to West Bottoms, try taking a stroll through The Beast, which is one of the most frightening haunted houses, not only in the area but in the country. Sound spooky enough for you? If you dare to visit — you’ll make your way through a Louisiana mansion, bayou swamp, a medieval castle and a forest filled with werewolves.

If you’re really looking for a forest to scare the heebie jeebies out of ya, then try the Exiled Trail of Terror in Bonner Springs! It’s a one mile hike of horror, where you can face your worst fears. Anyone 12 and up can attend. Visitors are required to bend, crawl, climb, and you must wear closed toed shoes to be admitted.

If you’re like me and would hate running a mile fearing for your life the entire time, try an escape room!

Grab a group of friends and head to The Basement in downtown KC that has two of the top escape rooms in the country. In this room, you’ve been captured by Edward Tandy and locked in his mother’s basement and you’ll work together to collect clues and solve puzzles in your attempt to escape!

Freaky Flicks

Haunted houses, forests, and escape rooms may be too scary for your liking! But what about seeing a thriller film while enjoying a giant bowl of popcorn? There’s a few scary movies hitting the big screens this season.

‘Shortcut’ is about a group of five classmates tapped inside their school bus after a mysterious creature invades the road. Every passing minute decreases their survival chances against the constant threats of that unknown entity. Interested? Click here to watch the trailer.

Not a fan of horror films but love a good suspenseful film?

Try seeing ‘Unhinged’ is a timely psychological thriller that explores the fragile balance of a society pushed to the edge, taking something we’ve all experienced- road rage – to an unpredictable and terrifying conclusion. Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is running late to work when she has an altercation at a traffic light with a stranger (Russell Crowe). Soon, Rachel finds herself and everyone she loves playing a deadly and dangerous game of cat and mouse. Click here to watch the trailer.

Take a daytrip

Need a day away? Plan a day trip to Weston, Missouri, which is just 45 minutes north of downtown KC.

Weston Applefest is celebrating its a 28-year tradition with a parade, crafts booths, produce vendors, apple picking. You can enjoy the city’s famous apple dumplings, pies and cookies, and apple cider doughnuts! Yummm…who doesn’t love doughnuts??



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