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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fall is almost here, which means people are clamoring for one of the most popular-flavored drinks of the season: pumpkin.

“Celebrating the beginning of fall. Pumpkin spice is the essence of fall and it`s nice to include your dog in that as well,” Dayna Jensen, the owner of two dogs, said.

Believe it or not, humans are not alone in enjoying these pumpkin-spiced items this year. Doggy pumpkin-flavored treats is a booming business.

“It`s growing and it`s still growing. I will say within the last couple of years it`s been really popular,” Amy Muller, Three Dogs Bakery Assistant Manager, said. “It went from kind of biscuits and now we’ve got our fancy treats that have pumpkin in it, which is a lot of fun. And we also have pumpkin spice lattes that actually look like a little coffee cup with the foam, but it’s actually our vanilla wafers that are on the top.”

Muller said these dog-friendly items are also great for their stomachs and general health. Plus, the treats come in different forms.

“So we`ve got our Three Dog Bakery Pup-kin spiced lattes. Which are fantastic of course they are in a pumpkin-spiced latte cup so when you have one, they`ve got one. Then we`ve got our pumpkin-Labrador loafs and they are going to be wheat-free so if you`re dog has a wheat allergy those are fantastic. We also have a pumpkin bar which is grain free which means there is no wheat in it whatsoever. Which is fantastic for them as well. It`s super healthy for them. I can eat it if I wanted to eat it. And with the pumpkin it helps with their tummy. So it`s just perfect all the way around,” she said.

Sarah Wienke and her pup, Gibbs, have spent the last few months putting together some of these pumpkin treats and have already seen a boost in business.

“We have a lot of people that come in on a regular basis and really like our treats. Even though it`s just five days in September we`ve already had a lot of push of all the pumpkin stuff, and we only started a lot of the pumpkin stuff out,” Wienke said.

So don’t be surprised if you’re walking by a deck and see a dog enjoying a pumpkin-spiced latte alongside their human companion this fall.

“My dogs are my babies, they`re like my children, so to be able to celebrate with them and enjoy a nice treat is a treat in itself,” Jensen said.