Puppy left to die in hot car gets new home with rescuer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A dog left for hours inside a car on one of the hottest days of the year has a new home and its former owners face a day in court.

The puppy was on the brink of death, after being left in a hot car for nearly two hours. A Kansas City officer who helped rescue the dog made a promise if he could adopt the Chihuahua he would. Now he’s made good on that promise, to the surprise of his family.

“I've been on the job for 18 years, you see a lot of horrific things. That was one of the worst things I've seen,” said Officer Jeff O’Rear.

That was the last time Officer O’Rear saw the poor little guy, when he was unconscious. Not even doctors thought he would make it.

“He was in this little bed upside down. All four legs were sticking up, doing this little convulsing thing and tongue was hanging,” O’Rear said.

Officer O’Rear and his partner broke the car’s window in the Kansas City strip mall parking lot and rescued the Chihuahua. His body temperature was 107 degrees, after being left in a hot car for nearly two hours while his owners shopped.

“It was just terrible. To see an animal, anybody to have to go through that for no reason. They just neglected him. After that, anybody who saw that, would want to take the dog and provide for them for as long as they could,” he said.

O’Rear promised himself he would give the puppy the life it deserves and Wednesday he surprised his two daughters with a new family member.

Seemingly fitting in the family already, these two are ready to shower him with love.

“We thought we could give him a good home and a good life. It'll be really good,” Michelle O'Rear said.

“We want to make sure he lives the life of a king for the rest of his life. Because of what he went through. I think we'll be able to provide that real well,” said O’Rear.

The puppy’s previous owners now face animal cruelty charges.

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