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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recently there has been a push to change the law on the Sunday sales of motorcycles in Missouri.

Worth Harley Davidson gets a big chunk of its business on Saturdays. Sundays, on the other hand, aren’t as successful. It is all because of a law that dates back to the mid 1970’s.

Worth Harley Davidson has been open since 1978, and in nearly 36 years the dealership has never sold a motorcycle on a Sunday. Not because the company doesn’t want to, but because a Missouri state law says it can’t.

Rick worth owns the dealership. He believes the blue law is costing him big business. The dealership’s biggest competitor is in Kansas, and there is no blue law on the Kansas side of the state line.

“The only thing left of the Blue Law in Missouri is motorcycles, cars and trucks.  We can’t sell those three products, but you can buy beer and whiskey,” said Worth. “They’re open on Sunday and all day long they advertise they’re the only dealership in Kansas City that can sell you a motorcycle on Sunday.”

Worth is making a push and asking lawmakers to change the blue law.

There’s a bill in the senate and two in the house, and if passed it would allow motorcycle dealerships in Platte and Jackson counties to make a sale on a Sunday.

“The senators and representatives from the house I’ve spoken to nearly half didn’t realize there was a law to prevent me from selling on Sunday,” said Worth.

Worth calls the blue law “absurd,” and says it doesn’t belong in the 21st century. Getting rid of it however, is proving to be tough to do.

“It would be easy for me to pick up and move to Kansas.  Laws are much more favorable for me.  If the state of Missouri and the people in Jefferson City can’t get on board then that may be what I have to do,” said Worth.

Worth will be in Jefferson City on Tuesday to testify about the bills. He said he’s not sure what to expect.

If the law is passed, and worth can start selling motorcycles on Sundays, he says he’s throwing a party.