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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It seems like we hear about a new diet every day. Paleo, Atkins, low-fat, low-sugar; the list goes on and on.

You might think you’ve heard it all, but have you heard about the Werewolf Diet? It claims you can lose six-to-10 pounds in one day.

But does it work? We were skeptical, and so was trainer Liz Kampschroeder who volunteered to try the diet for one week.

“This whole diet is based around the phases of the moon in a 30-day period of time,” Liz explained.

Basically it goes like this: Twice a month you fast, that’s on the full moon and the new moon. Leading up to those days you eat less over time and after the fasting days you eat more. It sounds simple enough, but Liz says for many it could be a recipe for disaster.

She eats healthy every day, but as she prepared her food leading up to the full moon, she worried about how she would feel.

“For me, I don’t understand a food plan that asks you not to eat,” she said.

Another problem: While the diet tells you to eat less and cut out fat, it doesn’t get any more specific than that.

“It doesn’t say what to eat, it says eat less,” Liz said.

A couple of days in Liz said she felt terrible. She was tired and starving.

“If I could eat my arm right now I would,” she lamented.

And that was just leading up to her fast day.

“It says the time when your cravings are the highest is a really good time to practice self-control. Let me tell you as a trainer the worst time to ask a client to practice self-control is when their cravings are the highest. This is setting you up for a complete failure,” Liz said.

But the diet claims stars like Madonna and Demi Moore did it.

“The concept being that you can lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time,” Liz said.

And Liz did, she lost six pounds in five days.

Then she gained three pounds back in one day, and two more over the next few days. That’s a net loss of only one pound and she was miserable, tired and had headaches.

Jamie Jarvis is a registered dietician for Hy-Vee. She does not recommend fad diets from werewolves or anyone else.

“They are all just a trick to get you to eat less calories,” she said.

So would Liz recommend this to clients?

“You’re going to starve, you’re going to want to eat something in large quantities really quickly. You probably will get on the scale and see a decrease on the scale, which is a head game because you think this is working, but you’re not losing fat,” she said.

Water weight is easy to drop, but even easier to regain. And while you may not howl at the moon, your stomach may grumble loud enough to make some wonder.

Both Liz and Jamie recommend eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains. Don’t forget healthy fats are actually good for you.