Quixotic event helping future generations in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You might have seen Quixotic performances at various events around the metro, but did you know the organization actually started here in Kansas City?

FOX4’s Melissa Stern attended rehearsals for their upcoming event and learned a little more about the company that began in the Crossroads.

“Quixotic is a performing arts group that does performances of all different types, a mixture of animation, projection work, lighting, dance, aerial, music, and many other different types of art that come together as a collective and create an experience,” Mica Thomas, the Executive Producer of Quixotic, said.

You might have seen this group of artists decked out in costumes and elaborate make-up around town at an event or party.

“Frequently, when we go out to other places, they automatically think we’re from L.A. or New York or something, and they’re always surprise to hear we’re from Kansas City,” Thomas added.

But this group started here in Kansas City, but the group travels and performs all over the world.

“We started off in old, abandoned buildings in the Crossroads area, it was a bunch of artists getting together and creating cool projects, and then we just kept going with it, and we’re still going,” Thomas said. 

The Quixotic Foundation is having rehearsals this week for an event Saturday evening.

 “We’re doing a fundraiser to help raise money for educational outreach programs and free shows for the community,” Thomas said.

“It gives kids an outlet that can be creative, technological, or very physical, whatever that is, this is a place where they can get a taste of “what connects with me”, and “what do I really love”, and that could just be a hobby, or it could be a career,” says Kelsey Ottley, a dancer and stilt walker.

Quixotic frequently works with different organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Kids come in and take workshops and classes.

“To inspire a new, younger generation of people coming in, and to expand their horizons of different opportunities that are out there for them,” says Thomas.

“Quite often, many of these kids come in here, and they’ve never anything like it,” adds Ottley.

The event this Saturday is at the Mulberry Room in the West Bottoms.

It starts at 7 and will raise money for workshops that they’ll be providing for the community. Tickets are still available.

See Quixotic events calendar here.



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