Race car driver tracks down stolen helmet with help from social media

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A local race car driver took to social media on Saturday to track down his stolen helmet. Sprint car driver Brian Brown said it went missing after Friday night’s race at Lakeside Speedway in KCK. He said it’s finally back in his hands after the photo was shared thousands of times on Twitter.

“We are just glad there are still honest people in the world that want to give it back to us,” he told FOX 4.

Brown said after the post made its way around Twitter he received an inbox from a man who said he had the helmet. He said the man told him another man sold it to him in the parking lot at the racetrack and claimed he won it in a raffle.

“If you are going to come and do this stuff, you are not part of what the racing community is about and we don’t need you,” Brown said, speaking of the thief.

He said he was just gifted the one of a kind helmet hours before it was stolen. Brown said a friend spent more than 60 hours crafting it for him. He said the thief broke into his trailer and took off with it.

“Somebody really kind of intruded our space, it wasn’t sitting out where somebody could just grab it,” he said.

Brown said the man who returned the helmet paid $200 for it and he happily refunded him the cash.



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