Race For the Cure aims to raise $1 million for cancer research in KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Despite the early morning rain, thousands of pink-clad people raced to help find a cure for breast cancer Sunday morning.

About 1,200 of them, who wore hot pink shirts, are all cancer survivors.

The Susan G. Komen foundation was aiming to raise $1 million Sunday, and all of that money stays in Kansas City.

About 25 percent of it will go to breast cancer researchers at KU Medical Center.

One of the things researchers here are trying to pinpoint is a gene that exists in about 30 percent of stage one breast cancer patients which causes the cancer to spread or metastasize to other parts of the body.

“To understand the genetics of women who have breast cancer in hopes that we will be able to predict whether they will develop metastasis or not,” said Dr. Danny Welch, a cancer researcher at KU Med. “If we are successful in this we might be able to predict which ones will or will not develop metastasis and prevent them from getting unnecessary treatment.”

Dr. Welch tells FOX 4, currently, up to 70 percent of stage one breast cancer patients may receive treatments like chemo or radiation they don’t need.

Finding that gene is crucial to determining who needs treatment and who doesn’t.



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