Raid on James Horn’s home draws large crowd, but double homicide suspect remains at large.

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SEDALIA, Mo. — The search for a double homicide suspect was big news in Sedalia on Thursday, drawing an anxious crowd to see James Horn Jr. arrested, but leaving them disappointed when a raid of his home came up empty. Horn, previously charged with kidnapping and confining his one-time girlfriend to a box, is now suspected her murder and her son’s. Sandra Kay Sutton, 46, and her 17-year-old son Zachary Sutton were found shot to death in Clinton on Thursday morning.

Most people returned to their homes on Thursday afternoon, but dozens of onlookers stood by for hours as a SWAT team surrounded and then entered his home.


Some said they’d been there since 8 a.m., watching from the side of the street as police, highway patrol and SWAT stood their ground outside Horn’s home, a man they consider armed and dangerous.

At one point, people said they saw a robot go inside, and others heard officers shout things like, “come out! We’re not going anywhere.” It was strange commotion in the normally quiet town.

“I wanted to be nosy like everybody else. Possibly see what’s really going on,” said Shalisa Dove.

“Redemption. They want to see redemption. They want to see him done with, get it over with so they can go back to their lives,” said Robert Starner.

“I feel like he’s gone from here. He’s just sitting, watching this and laughing,” said William Campbell.

But the day-long standoff on E. 15th Street came to an end just after 4 p.m., and people quickly lost interest as police packed up.

James Horn Jr. remains at-large, and is considered armed and dangerous. Sedalia and Clinton police departments will continue patrols throughout the evening and say he may try to stay with family or friends. Horn was last seen in Sedalia on Bothwell Regional Health Center’s surveillance cameras.

If you see him, call 911.



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