KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With Kansas winning the National Championship game against North Carolina Monday, Rally House joins the celebration with their merchandise that fans can buy.

Rally House provides fans with a selection of gear with popular styles such as tees and hats in the same design the players were wearing as they were cutting down the nets.

In addition, customers will find other merchandise such as sweatshirts, jackets, hats, drinkware, and much more.

The products started to print immediately after the win and are on their way to stores, ready for fans to gear up.

“It’s all just so exciting,” said Owner and Founder Peg Liebert. “When fans walk into a Rally House it’s a party, and with our selection of diverse products, every fan can find what they’re looking for. “We are fans just like our customers which makes the experience that much better.”

You can shop for Jayhawks Nationship gear online on the Rally House website.

Rally House has three locations in Lawrence, including on Massachusetts Street, 23rd Street, and inside Allen Fieldhouse. There are 14 more locations in the Kansas City metro.