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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While Patrick Mahomes has a knack for racking up awards on the football field, the latest accolade in the family belongs to an MVP mom.

Randi Mahomes won the 2021 International Variety Presidential Citation Award for her charity work with Variety KC, a nonprofit that serves kids with disabilities.

Randi Mahomes has been running fundraisers on her birthday to benefit Variety KC. FOX4 spoke with her before Super Bowl LIV about one she started with a modest goal of $200, and blossomed into thousands in donations for the non-profit.

“Oh my gosh, this has been the best birthday. I felt so loved. I literally set the goal at $200,” she said in February of 2020.

Deborah Wiebrecht with Variety KC said she ended up raising $7,000, which helped purchase a special wheelchair for an 11-year-old boy.

“Each year, Randi directs her birthday gifts to Variety KC and then presents items purchased to our kids. Sports wheelchairs, communication devices, funding the development of Variety KC sign language boards to teach kids how to communicate. These are at 25 playgrounds around KC – she also takes time to meet with families, send messages to kids who need inspiration and affirmation and understands their needs to be seen and included,” Wiebrecht stated in a release.

Boards like these are up at 25 Kansas City playgrounds promoting sign language and inclusivity. Randi Mahomes fundraising helped purchase the boards for Variety KC, and she was recognized with an international award for her work with the charity. (Photo: Variety KC)

“Randi’s contributions go way beyond monetary, it’s the positive association she brings. Randi and her family have drawn attention to a sometimes-invisible population of children with special needs,” Wiebrecht continued.

The organization released this video to celebrate her award: