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BELTON, Mo. — It’s a sweet end to a bittersweet story. On Friday, FOX4 told you about a group of Girl Scouts given counterfeit money while working in cold conditions. A local furniture store stepped up to help, and now they’re paid in full.

It was an emotional moment for troop leader, Wendy Montigny, last week when we handed her a check from Furniture Deal$! for $500, making up for the phony money. At $5 a box, that’s a lot of cookies and the girls made good on their deal Sunday afternoon.

They pulled up at the furniture store in Montigny’s minivan filled with boxes of girl scout cookies with hand written messages on the side letting people know where they can get the coveted confections.

“They each carried a whole case in, and they were very excited to get their cookies,” Montigny said. “They were very excited to have them, and they were willing to help us out.”

Over this cold winter season Troop 1981 sold cookies outside big box stores like Walmart and Lowe’s all around Raymore. It wasn’t an easy sale with everyone trying to stay inside, but it was even worse when they went to the bank and found out some of the money was fake.

“That counterfeit money, really, I don’t get why people do that sometimes,” Girl Scout, Aleah Dover said.

“FOX4 reached out to Furniture Deals and he offered to help recover that money that was lost by buying 500 dollars worth of cookies. So, today we delivered one hundred boxes of cookies for Furniture Deals,” Montigny said.

Store manager, Jason Dent, says they were happy to do it for the girls.

“It’s local ownership here,” Dent said. The company started here in Belton. We’ve always had a soft spot for this area. To be able to do something for this area was awesome.”

The girls dropped off around two thousand cookies, and the money they made from them goes to an even bigger treat.

“I’m really happy because we wouldn’t have gotten that much money to do everything that we wanted to do, like go on trips, if we didn’t have the money that the manager gave to us,” Girl Scout, Sophia Vargas said.

“I’m so thankful, and I just want to say that this world is an awesome place and a whole bunch of people should keep on giving than taking,” Girl Scout, Shelby Thompson said.

“It really makes a difference that he did this, because it means we can continue to do the fun things that the girls have worked so hard for all cookie season, and it’s been so cold out there for them, and it just shows us that there’s still good people in the world that are willing to give back,” Montigny said.

Dent says the cookies will be going to Furniture Deal$! employees and some lucky customers. The girls signed a card for Dent and presented it to him along with the boxes of cookies.

The girls are using the money for camp this summer, and a trip to St. Louis in the fall.