Raymore pastor and church community forgive suspected burglar, hope he becomes a better man

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RAYMORE, Mo. -- Pathway Church members were in shock when they drove by their church home last week to find the church's glass doors were smashed.

"As we walked in the building initially we saw quite a bit of damage to the walls, to the furniture, supplies, materials were scattered throughout the building. Quite a bit of electronic equipment had been shattered on the ground and shattered on our concrete floor," Pastor Mike Roy said.

Pastor Roy said security cameras captured a man smashing his way into the church doors and then grabbing the security camera. He then vandalized the church, causing more than $10,000 in damages.

"It caused quite a bit of pain and hurt but simultaneous to that we had a biding sense and a deep sense that God is in control and that these resources belonged to God and he has provided to us wonderfully before and we had a strong sense and faith that he would continue to provide for us," Pastor Roy said.

Cass County investigators arrested and charged 19-year-old Malik McClinton with 2nd degree Burglary and 1st degree Property Damage on Wednesday. Investigators said McClinton, who had no ties to the church, did what he did because he was angry with God.

However Pastor Roy and his church family have already forgiven him and hope he will come out of this a better man.

"Our heart went out to the young man and we’re very concerned for him. We believe that the legal and law enforcement system needs to take its course. It needs to do its job but we are also concerned for him and praying for him and it did raise concern in us that he expressed anger toward God. Down the road we are interested in helping him more directly if we possibly could," Pastor Roy said.

Pastor Roy said church services continued despite the damage that was done inside. Services will continue as scheduled on Sunday.



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