Raymore school bus driver removed from route after videos show driver breaking traffic laws

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RAYMORE, Mo. — Several parents in the Raymore-Peculiar School District say their kids have been unfairly punished and verbally abused by a school bus driver. They’ve even witnessed that driver breaking the law.

Chris Skinner started taking a cell phone video at his kids’ bus stop in Raymore to prove a point. Drivers were flying down the road, putting students at risk.

“We were having problem with traffic stopping with its lights flashing and stop sign. Cars would just go on past it,” Skinner said.

But while he was rolling, he busted the driver committing a crime and says the same driver did the same thing, later that same day.

The driver is seen on camera, not activating the flashing lights, stop sign or stop arm, which is against state law.

“The cars are just going around her like she ain’t there,” Skinner said.

Skinner and other parents in his neighborhood already had concerns about the driver of Apple Bus route 37 in the Raymore-Peculiar district. They say she refused to change her stopping point, putting kids too close to traffic on a busy road.

“She didn’t want to hear it.  She was kind of verbally combative about it,” said Skinner.

Skinner says his seven-year-old daughter has come home crying because she says the driver yelled so much. And on one occasion, the driver is seen on camera refusing to let kids off the bus, until a manager came to push open the doors. The driver can be heard yelling, “Get out!”

“Ultimately they’re there to give our kids a safe ride to and from school and what we were getting was not safe and to me, if somebody can’t do that, they shouldn’t still be on the job,” Skinner said.

After repeatedly taking his concerns to the bus company and the district with no change, Skinner posted his videos on Facebook.

The district can’t fire an Apple Bus driver, but asked the company to make changes.

As of Tuesday, Apple Bus put the driver on a different route. New cameras were also added to the Route 37 bus.

Families just hope there’s a lesson to be learned from their experiences, and that there will be better relationships between the school, the bus company and parents moving forward.

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