Raytown police searching for suspect repeatedly robbing 91-year-old woman

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Police thought they had their man.

However, on Tuesday evening, a spokesperson for the Raytown Police Department says they’re searching again, trying to find the person who’s been robbing a 91-year old woman’s home.

Roy Callahan says his mother has dementia, and it affects her judgement. He was convinced of that when a video clip from a camera he’d hidden in her home revealed a man stealing items from his mother’s purse. Callahan recently placed the camera there because his mother had suffered several recent falls.

Callahan says the man would enter the home by asking to use the phone or the bathroom, before stealing from her purse while distracting her. Once gaining access to the house, the suspect would distract the woman before stealing from her pocketbook.

“The first thing she lost was a metal lock box with all her important papers in it. Then, the next thing she lost was her billfold out of her purse,” Callahan said.

“She’s 91. It’s basically her social security money. It’s her money to live on.”

Callahan believes the suspect, believed to be a teenager, has stolen as much as $1,000 from his mother over time. He said the teen has been preying on his mother for a few months, but the burglaries have picked up during the past six weeks.

“(The teenager) calls her grandma,” Callahan said. “He always wants to hug her and that kind of stuff to gain her confidence.”

Jake Scalf, a neighbor, told reporters he’d noticed the suspect peeping into the house’s windows for some time, and it looked suspicious to him.

“I wasn’t real thrilled to see it happening. It’s generally a safe neighborhood with lots of young kids and young parents in the neighborhood, so it was kind of weird,” Scalf said.

Raytown Police circulated the video clip captured by Callahan’s camera on Tuesday. The clip was removed after police investigators believed they’d identified a suspect.

Callahan and Scalf says the teenager is often dropped off at the house by different automobiles, almost all of which bear temporary Missouri license tags. If you know who’s been robbing that house, please contact the Raytown Police Department.



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