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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Is this an eccentric art project or a public nuisance? That’s a difference of opinion between a Raytown woman and the city.

Hanna Albina says she got tired of receiving what she calls petty code violations from the city, so she decided to create a goose woman display in her front yard.

She calls it art, but the city disagrees and after a complaint, she’s been issued a code violation and ordered to remove the goose woman.

“They labeled it as a nuisance and I just feel like that’s completely unfair of them to do considering it’s not causing anybody harm. I don’t know. It doesn’t make sounds, I wouldn’t consider it a nuisance,” she said.

She started a petition that has garnered over 6,000 signatures.

The city of Raytown has ordered that the mannequin and geese be removed by Sept. 24. If the display remains up, a city codes enforcement officer could issue a municipal ticket and the matter will head to city court.

As for why Halloween displays are allowed and this one violates city code? A city spokesperson says that most residents don’t complain about Halloween displays and they’re only up for a short time.