RAYTOWN, Mo. — People living in Raytown, Missouri report hearing loud booms or explosions for a couple weeks now.

While many homeowners have ideas, no one, including city officials contacted by FOX4 has a definitive answer to the mysterious booms right now.

Raytown residents say they aren’t unfamiliar with noises to include the occasional sound of gunfire. But for the past couple of weeks say they’ve been hearing something much louder and different.

“You definitely hear it and you are like what was that?” Rita Lattie said as she took down Halloween decorations at her home off 79th Street.

Every person we spoke with described these booms as loud explosions.

“At night we hear loud explosions, we don’t know know where it’s coming from, but it’s pretty loud,” Dana Silva said.

“I just heard a loud explosion,” Jaleo Matthews said.

“It definitely catches my attention it’s very loud and deep and kind of echoes,” Christy Vincent said.

It’s been a topic of discussion on social media with people reporting hearing the explosions from the commercial area of 350 Highway and Gregory to neighborhoods surrounding Mount Olivet Cemetery around 79th Street about a mile away.

So far the source of the explosions remains a mystery.

“It’s concerning yes, because you want to know what it is, I know I want to know. I’d love to know,” Silva said.

FOX4 checked with Evergy. A spokesperson said there had been no reports of transformer or power issues in the city. Neither police nor city officials who also had heard the sounds of explosions have any idea what they could be either.

Neighbors shared theories ranging from military exercises, to sonic booms, to perhaps blasting in a nearby city. Lattie, who sold fireworks for 20 years, says it doesn’t sound like any mortar shell either.

“It just sounds like an explosion and not from the sky and not from below,” she said.

“If its construction or something it doesn’t seem that out of place, but considering nobody is owning up to it it seems very odd, so it probably should be investigated,” Vincent said.