Raytown storage units ransacked leaving owners searching for belongings

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Family heirlooms, TVs and even tennis shoes were all taken by thieves at a Public Storage location near Blue Parkway and Woodson over the past two days according to police. The culprits took a little bit of everything when they ransacked more than 50 storage units in Raytown.

On Monday dozens of people showed up to their units after finding out about the break-ins, each curious to see if their unit was targeted and what was missing.

What they found was bashed in metal, useless locks and belongings strewn about the parking lot.

“It`s just unbelievable! Who would do this? You know? Who would do this? I don`t know,” said victim Andrea Knoche

One-by-one people showed up hoping for the best, but often discovered their valuables were nowhere in sight.

“They took the computer, they took the television, they took my daughter`s tennis shoes,” victim Yvette Tolbert said.

Not even visible surveillance cameras were enough to stop the thieves from taking whatever they wanted as they broke into more than 50 units over two days.

“If it`s the 32-inch TV they took, fine. But when they take things that are, like my deceased father and grandfather`s that I can never get back, things that I wanted to give to my children, those are the things that really hurt,” Knoche said.

For others, priceless items like those were spared.

“I just know I had my grandma`s sewing machine and I`m sorry. My husband`s workbench and some sentimental things, but none of that was taken,” said Betty Blancett said.

But the thieves stole more than just belongings. For most, they stole peace of mind.

“It`s a violation. Those are my things that I`ve worked hard to have. So for someone to just come in and take those things, it`s very, very frustrating,” Tolbert said.

Police were hoping to catch those responsible on surveillance cameras, but told FOX 4 on Monday they’re not sure if they were operating properly. If you know anything about the crimes, please call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.



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