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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Parents stood in front of Raytown South Middle School on Thursday, holding a sign that read, “My kid was suspended for reporting a racial slur made by a student.”

It’s the same school district where students reported a teacher used a racial slur in class the day before.

In the latest incident to surface, an eighth grade girl said a boy who’s not a person of color referred to another student as an N-word in a chat.

“That was tough. I don’t think she knew what to do with it. So she reported it to a teacher, and the teacher told her to report it to administration,” her father Jonathan McClinton said.

Raytown Quality Schools spokesperson Danielle Nixon said district employees are required to report to compliance officers any observations, rumors or other information about actions prohibited by policy.

But the girl’s parents said after feeling she was brushed off, she shared the racist comments on social media that night. She underlined the slur and added question marks and “smh,” meaning shaking my head.

On Monday, when students returned to school, there was reportedly a fight between the boys in the post.

According to her parents, administrators blamed the girl for stirring things up. The district said it can’t comment on student discipline, but we’re told the girl was initially given a three-day out-of-school suspension.

“She still doesn’t understand why the school district is upset or disciplining her for what she did because she felt she needed to do something,” her mother Dawn McClinton said.

Nixon said the district has been in communication with the girl’s parents. They report the final two days of the suspension have since changed to in-school suspension. The McClintons said they’re proud of their daughter for reporting racism and encouraged Raytown teachers to do the same.

“The teacher should have just moved forward in reporting it to the administration. If they had done that, I think it wouldn’t have gotten so far that she felt like she needed to post it in order to stop these comments,” her father said.

It’s unclear right now how staff responded to the girl’s complaint about use of a racial slur. Raytown Quality Schools said during their investigation into student incidents, staff conduct and response is also reviewed.