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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A Raytown woman is shaken after her door was kicked in and home burglarized Tuesday.

Raytown police said the home was burglarized sometime during the day. Wendy McDermott said no one was home between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Officials said the McDermott home wasn’t the only one that was burglarized. Another was discovered earlier that day.

McDermott said her husband called her and told her she needed to come home Tuesday afternoon. When she got there, she said she found her front door on the floor.

“You can come home, and it’s not the way you left it,” McDermott said.

Raytown police said the home near E. 83rd and Blue Ridge Boulevard was burglarized while no one was home, and the family’s property was stolen.

“They knocked it so hard that the deadbolt was bent,” McDermott said. “The door jam was completely gone. This was a fully steel high-grade door that had just been battered.”

Not only was the door destroyed, but handbags, a laptop and her veteran son’s PS4 were stolen.

“They stole my security,” McDermott said. “They stole my stuff — I don’t care about my stuff. That’s annoying. They stole the love I have for my house.”

McDermott said besides her peace of mind, they stole her family’s lock box, which contained birth certificates, social security cards and credit cards.

“Once you shut down all your credit cards, and you shut down all your accounts, and they’re frozen, you pretty much just have the cash in your pocket,” McDermott said. “Between my husband and I, I just wanted to pay my doorman for coming out the next day at 8 a.m. and replacing my door so my family can be safe. How do I pay my door guy?”

Police said no one has been arrested in the burglary, and the McDermotts’ home was the second one reported that day. They cannot say if the cases are related.

McDermott said after the incident, she canvassed her neighborhood and talked with them about what happened. She wanted to make sure they knew anything was possible.

“I think eventually someone will get caught,” McDermott said. “It doesn’t bring back my security necessarily. I hope it never happens to anyone else, and I certainly hope it doesn’t happen here again.”

Raytown police said they want to remind residents to secure their homes. If you have cameras, make sure they’re running and be diligent.