‘Real PD: Kansas City’ docuseries premieres showing inside look at KCK officers


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas City Kansas Police are giving viewers worldwide an inside look at the workings of the police department.

A new documentary style show premiered Tuesday called Real PD: Kansas City. These episodes were filmed before cries grew louder for an outside investigation into the police department.

The department’s police chief said there was no agenda, but he hopes people see they are interested in transparency.

“We already found a bag with a pistol in it, the helicopter is directly over me now,” officers said in a portion of the first episode titled, “Right in the Heart.”

Billed as 100 cameras embedded with police officers, episodes were filmed in Kansas City Kansas in 2019.

Tuesday’s premiere episode focuses on the murder of Maurice Hunter in a trailer park near 59th and State Avenue.

“What this series does is it starts from the 911 call through the whole process to the end of an investigation,” Kansas City Kansas Police Chief Karl Oakman said.

It shows the search for 19 year old Alexia Hendricks. But as captivating as it might be, Oakman said he hopes the community takes much more away from the four part series, which also interviews family members of suspects and victims. A subsequent episode will focus on the owner shot and killed inside his deli.

“We just get to where there’s another homicide here, there’s another homicide there. You don’t understand that there are a lot of people that that crime affects,” Oakman said.

The show was edited at a time when police everywhere are under scrutiny.

“We just hope that if there is something good that comes from this series it shows us in a different light,” Oakman said.

For Oakman, that’s both as servants of the community and detectives dedicated to bringing criminals and fugitives to justice. Hendricks was convicted of second degree murder in August and is awaiting sentencing.

Episodes are available to stream on Discovery Plus the same day as episode premieres each Tuesday on Investigation Discovery at 9 p.m. CST.

Right now there’s only four scheduled this month, but future episodes will likely be released once cases go to trial.

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