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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — Tucked into a corner on Missouri Western State University’s campus sits a 300 bed brick building — boasting views of a Missouri hay field, a parking lot and a small pond. And for the next three weeks, that’s where 85 Kansas City Chiefs players will call home.

“They have a comfy bed, hopefully, and a place to hang some clothes.”

A college dorm providing the basics — a twin bed, small closet and corner desk.

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“They are pretty small. Some rooms have a king size bed, others just a twin. But yeah, there’s not a whole bunch of space.”

As for the bathrooms, Chiefs players better know how to share.

Patti Kuechler is the campus Director of Conferences and Scheduling Services. She said while it may not be much for those used to living large, the smart ones make do.

“Probably the funniest thing we’ve seen are the huge blow-up mattresses that they put on top of the bed,” Kuechler said. “So, on sheet changing days, we just kind of run with the sheet and throw it on there.”

For those dreaming of sweet escape, Kuechler said the coaches stay on the first floor and security flanks every door.

So, for the next three weeks, Scanlon Hall is home.