Reality show contestants ‘race’ on 5-mph lawnmowers from Los Angeles to New York


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A crew of contestants riding lawnmowers across America stopped for the night in Albuquerque on Friday.

“It’s been the hardest couple weeks I’ve had in a long time, and probably the most fun I’ve had as well,” said Andy Sensnovis, lawnmower racer.

The teams of two are competing on the reality show the Great Grass Race. They’re riding from Los Angeles to New York on lawnmowers that max out at 5 mph, relying on donations for their food, gas, shelter and other supplies.

A couple of days ago, the contestants hit Grants, New Mexico. Three teams have made it to Albuquerque, while the other two are a little ways behind, after breaking down near Route 66 Casino.

The contestants said their biggest takeaway so far is the generosity of those they’ve met along the way.

“We started in LA, all the way to New Mexico, just on the generosity of America. Y’all are stepping up, you’re paying for our gas, you’re saying ‘here’s a case of water, here’s some food, here’s an Airbnb down the road,'” racer Stephen Zampier said. “Kinda being reminded that, yeah, there’s really great people out there. Especially, right now during the pandemic.”

Next, the teams are heading north toward Santa Fe, with the goal of reaching New York by early October.



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