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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A manhole left uncovered is the source of concern after a woman damaged her car in Kansas City.

The single-car crash happened at 11th Street and Tracy Avenue during the busy afternoon commute.

Now a witness says workers need to pay more attention to detail.

“I noticed it at the last second and went around it. I looked in my rearview mirror and the lady that was driving that car actually hit that manhole and lost control of her car. Once she hit it, that manhole just flipped up under her car and she ended up on the curve,” Charles Johnson said.

He documented the scary moments on Facebook Live, showing the open manhole and response to the scene.

“My whole concern was, was she alright? That’s why I stopped and everything to make sure she was physically alright,” he said.

Johnson said when crews leave, they should have common sense to close and secure these openings. Since the crash, the manhole has been correctly closed.

After Kansas City Public Works said it was unsure of the nature of the construction in the area, FOX4 later learned Spire Energy is working on a project.

A spokesperson for Spire said: “Spire is aware of an incident in that area involving a third-party contractor. We are currently investigating to find out what occurred.”

Johnson said this mistake is inexcusable and reckless and hopes this is a learning lesson.

“It could have ended up a lot worse than a damaged car,” Johnson said. “Someone must be held accountable for this.”