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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Newly recorded phone calls involving the case of a missing Prairie Village woman, Angela Green, raise more questions as her daughter Ellie looks for answers and continues to look for her mom.

Angela Green hasn’t been seen since June 2019. FOX4 obtained recorded phone calls between Ellie and her father, Geoff Green.

When Ellie was little, her mother, Angela, would write her notes to put in her lunch every day. The colored drawings and letters were intricate and thoughtful. Now, Ellie is doing the same for her. Intricately taking notes to help find her missing mother.

“There’s no way with how much she cared for me, and there’s no way that she would just up and leave,” Ellie said.

She reported her mother missing months after she last saw her when she realized the situation. She said her father, Geoff Green, told her last summer that her mother was hospitalized and then died in a facility’s care.

Ellie said she accepted what her father told her, and he asked her not to tell Angela’s family. But in February of this year, she felt her family had waited long enough and told them Angela was dead. However, there was no funeral for her, no obituary, and now her family has a lot of questions.

Immediately, Ellie said she drove to Topeka to get a copy of her mother’s death certificate, but government officials told her there was no record of her mother’s death in the state.

Ellie filed a missing person’s report with the Prairie Village Police Department and an investigation began. She says that’s when her father’s story changed, and she started recording their conversations.

Ellie said her father told her the alleged facility her mother was supposedly being treated at called him at work in June of 2019 and told him Angela was dead.

GEOFF: I got a call that she was. She had passed away, so..

ELLIE: But you can’t tell me anything about that call, or who called you or where or anything?

GEOFF: No because I was very busy at that particular point in time. So, I didn’t worry about it. Because I knew that information would come in different ways.

ELLIE: But you didn’t excuse yourself from work, like whenever I call you, you excuse yourself from work.

Read more of this conversation here.

Ellie said her father then told her in a call that Angela’s ashes were delivered by hand to their home. Green told her a person he could not identify called him and told him Angela was cremated, and he would bring them to the house.

The alleged white man in his 40s charged Green $1,500 in cash for the ashes and left the urn with him without a receipt.

ELLIE: I’m surprised to you, like just readily got her, agreed to get her cremated without any paperwork or proof or anything?

GEOFF: Oh, it’s it seems unusual, much later looking back on it, but at the time it did not seem odd since I’d never done it before.

However, according to Kansas law, it’s illegal to cremate a body without a death certificate and coroner’s permit. Ellie said her father told her he didn’t work with a funeral home for her remains.

Ellie said to this day she has never seen her mother’s ashes.

In March of this year, the Prairie Village Police Department served two warrants in relation to Geoff Green. One to the family home and another to a property where he stores vintage cars. It’s unclear if police recovered an urn during their searches.

FOX4 has requested the warrants several times from the Johnson County District Attorney’s office but were denied citing an active investigation.

Ellie said she hopes releasing these calls will help bring her to the truth and find her mother in the process.

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“I hope that she is proud of me for standing up for her because she doesn’t have a voice for whatever reason, and I am trying to be that voice and just give back to her as much as she has given to me in my life,” Ellie said.

Ellie is currently working with Sarah Turney, another woman who went through a similar experience, to help find answers through TikTok and her podcast.

Geoff Green is not charged in his wife’s missing person case. FOX4 reached out to his lawyer who specializes in criminal defense who said his client has no comment on our reporting. 

Prairie Village police said Wednesday there were no new developments in the case and they have no active leads or tips. They are still in the fact-finding stage of the case and have received conflicting information about her whereabouts that are concerning.

Police said although the case is dormant, they’re not going to forget about Angela Green and are looking for help from the community to provide information that could lead them to her.