Redskins WR Pryor alleges Chiefs fans yelled expletives, slurs at him after Monday Night Football

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The NFL’s microscope is focusing on Kansas City. TMZ Sports has released video clips showing a Washington Redskins player arguing and exchanging lewd gestures with fans.

The NFL is threatening to ban those fans for life — if it can find out who was heckling Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor on Monday — allegedly pelting him with racial slurs as he left the field.

As Pryor was leaving the field at Arrowhead — fans near the locker room tunnel yelled at him — showing ugly gestures and shouting profanities. Pryor told reporters some Chiefs fans were using racial slurs toward him as well, which explains why he shouted and gestured in return.

The Chiefs PR office says the club was unaware of the incident. Linebacker Derrick Johnson says incidents with fans are becoming more common — and now — those fans have cell phones too.

“When we’re on away games, you have people say stuff all the time — not necessarily racist stuff — they say stuff to you. I look at them. I’ll smile and wink my eye or something,” Johnson said.

The Chiefs also say Pryor and the Redskins didn’t ask for assistance or security in relation to the incident. The Chiefs also say there was no report of a disturbance to police or security from the Arrowhead stands.



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