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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been a lonely stay in jail for Micah Moore, who had claimed that he had killed Bethany Deaton at the order of her husband – but whose attorneys now claim he made the story up.

Moore, 23, was booked into the Jackson County Jail on November 9th after police say he confessed to the October suffocation murder of Deaton, the wife of Moore’s religious leader Tyler Deaton, in a van at Longview Lake.

Moore claimed that the murder was carried out because Tyler Deaton didn’t want his wife to tell anyone of her alleged sexual abuse at the hands of the members of the group at the couple’s Grandview home.

Earlier this week, Moore’s lawyers claimed that their client made the story up, and that Bethany Deaton had committed suicide.

The Jackson County Jail’s visitor log, though partially blacked out by authorities owing to attorney-client privilege, shows no friends or religious community members have visited Moore during his incarceration, only members of his family from Texas.

Tyler Deaton has made no public comments about the case, which is still under investigation, and neighbors say that he has moved out of the home the group had recently shared.