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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Moving day has already come and gone for more than a dozen people living at the site of the future Jackson County jail.

The county administrator’s office told Jackson County legislators that of the 104 people living in the Heart Village park, 13 have already moved. The county said 18 people have plans to move out of the park in the future.

The Community Services League said it is either working to contact, or is in the process of helping, the rest of the people living at the mobile home park. Jackson County Legislature Dan Tarwater asked the group to make it as easy as possible for people who need to relocate.

“We’re going to be working with you all. We’re going to be working with the residents. There needs to be better communication,” Tarwater said.

He also asked the Community Services League to extend their hours to 7 p.m. one day a week to allow better access to people who are working.

“I would also ask the Sheriff’s Department to make sure there are patrols that could go through that area because as more and more people move out, more and more things seem to be happening, so just to keep people safe,” Tarwater said.

One of several concerns was that trash was piling up at the park. A representative with the county administrator’s office said five dumpsters of trash were moved out of the area. There are also dumpsters in place for people who are moving out of the park, as well as plans to bring additional dumpsters into the area as needed.

The county also pointed out that it is waiving rent for all but 10 people living at the park, and offering each household $10,000 to help with relocation. The 10 people who may still be paying rent are in a rent-to-own contract, according to the county.

Legislators asked the county administrator’s office and the Community Services League to organize another town hall for the people living at the park. They hope it will provide additional information for the people impacted and give them another chance to get some of their questions answered.

People living in the mobile home park aren’t required to be off of the property until early next year.