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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You can rent almost anything these days: homes, cars, bikes. How about a swimming pool? There is an app for that.

Memorial Day unofficially marks the beginning of summer for many. The weekend is known for outdoor recreation and parties.

Yet for those without a big place to hang out or nice amenities to host guests, celebrants may have few options. That’s exacerbated by Airbnb’s ban on parties through the end of summer.

However, there is an online service, called Swimply, that allows people to rent out their private pool in the same way.

“The homeowner takes 85 percent of the revenue we charge only a fifteen percent fee,” Swimply co-founder Asher Wienberger told FOX2 in August, 2020.

Weinberger suggests pool owners’ charges between $15-60 an hour.

“We’re getting hosts on a daily basis, emailing us saying, ‘Hey I lost my job due to COVID,’ or ‘I’m laid off,’ whatever it is right, ‘and you guys are literally paying my mortgage,'” Wienberger said.

When it comes to safety and liability, Swimply said they have pools inspected before they are posted. Renters also sign a waiver that they will not hold parties liable for accidents.

“During COVID 19 in particular, we’ve been hyper-vigilant about that, we did advise all of our hosts to not accept bookings larger than eight to ten people at the beginning of coronavirus. Now that is changing in certain areas of the country, and we understand that,” Weinberger said.

And he said Swimply say it has plans to expand.

“We are launching something soon called Joyspace we have a link to it on the site and we are collecting listings for all types of private properties so there are people who are listing tennis courts, basketball courts, home gyms, home theaters, lakes private beaches.”

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